Posted by StreamerStartup on August 16, 2019

About StreamerStartup

We provide our honest opinions and researched reviews on streaming related products and resources, guiding you towards creating better content for an ever growing audience.

This is Just our Beginning 

We are striving to become the go to place for everyone looking to stream or create content on their platform of choice. 

We are still in our infancy, but that won't stop us. We will help by providing excellent resources and value to you.

Our plan is simple. 

We're going to focus on creating guides, product reviews and other content to help you become more efficient and to help you make smarter decisions in your streaming/content creation endeavor.

Why should we trust you?

Simple. All our content will be honest and objective. No bullshit. 

We will never let ourselves be bought out or influenced for any of our reviews or recommendations.

In the even where we receive a product or get asked to review a product for money, it will be done to our standards. The specific product will be shown that it is a sponsored product as to not mislead our readers. 

Our presentation of this product will remain honest and objective.

StreamerStartup Standards

While there are a variety of products available for everything you need, we do believe in paying more for higher ended/branded products that will last longer.

Quality and Durability

The product should be built steady, strong and last a long time through everyday usage.


The product should be easy to use or come with proper guidance to use it properly.
Nothing over-complicated.


The product should be made with a thoughtful design and good style while considering the type of use it will get.

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