The Best Time to Stream on Twitch: The Best Time of Day for a Livestream

Posted by StreamerStartup on September 3, 2021

If you're a Twitch streamer, then you know that the best time to start streaming is all dependent on where your audience is.

In this blog post, we'll go over some best practices for streaming at different times of the day. We will also talk about which hours are best for each region and the benefits of being online during those times.

It's important to know when the peak hours for your time zone are as a Twitch broadcaster. The best time of day for your Livestream will depend on your Twitch viewers' location and when most of them are on Twitch.

Keep in mind that your stream time should accommodate your schedule. You don't want to be forced to stream at a time you don't like.

The Best Time to Stream on Twitch - When Should You Start Your Livestream?

There are many different opinions about this topic. Some say that late-night streams get more traffic, while others say early morning streams are best. The best strategy for finding out is by doing some research and keeping an eye on your analytics data over a period of day or week of streaming at different times.

Streamers are the people who broadcast to potential viewers.

A viewer is someone who watches your stream.

As a potentially new streamer, you need to ensure that you can get enough viewers for your live stream.

When there are too many live channels and not enough viewers, each channel has fewer viewers on average. This is because more channels mean that there is less of an audience to go around.

This is typically called the Streamer Ratio to Viewer Ratio

It's the average of total viewers per total channel in a set category.

Keep in mind, just because a game is getting an average of 10 viewers per channel doesn't mean your stream will have 10 viewers if you were to stream in that game category.

There are also other factors at play here. An example is popular streamers getting more than the average number of viewers or more streamers than other viewers.

I have found some great tools to track some of this information down and give you a good chance to get more people watching your stream.



TwitchTracker has some nice graphs and stats for every type of category there is. They can show you statistics by months of how many concurrent viewers there were, how many concurrent streams there were and how many hours were watched each month.

TwitchTracker - Monthly Stats

TwitchTracker even provides analysis for each day of the week in a 6-month average timeframe.

This provides amazing feedback on when would be a great time to stream certain games/categories.

TwitchTracker Daily Stats



TwitchStrike has useful stats and analytics that may help you determine which games are ideal for streaming at a specific time of day and which games to avoid streaming at said time.

If there is a game you want to stream primarily, you can search for it in the tools, and it will provide you with a lot of information that you can use to make a better choice on when you should stream.

It shows how many current people are streaming (channels), how many viewers in total that game has, and gives you a viewer-to-channel ratio number.

TwitchStrike Channel Stats

You'll also see which days of the week are the most popular, as well as a Heat map by Day/Hour for either the Channels, Viewers, or Ratio.

TwitchStrike Heat Maps

Tell Me the Best Viewer to Stream Ratio

There isn't an ideal Ratio to look out for.

Knowing the average number of people who watch a streamer's live broadcast can help you decide when to stream and which game to play on Twitch.

With sites such as TwitchTracker and TwitchStrike, the info can be misleading if you don't do some research ahead of time.

If a new game comes out and most popular streamers are currently playing it, there's a high chance that your stream won't get watched, especially if you are starting. Competition from other streamers is something you need to keep an eye on.

When looking at live channels, make sure you check to see if most viewers aren't all tied to one big popular streamer. I'd also recommend excluding your peak times as this will greatly affect any ratios.

Your best bet would be picking something calmer without anyone big being in the same category. I think all up and coming streamers are doing this currently to get their audience count higher.

Figuring Out Different Time Zones

Not everyone is watching Twitch at the same time. Many streamers stream consistently on a daily basis and on a set schedule. This makes it easier for anyone from around the world to tune in as they know the best time to watch their favorite streamers.

Typically you want to pick the time zone you currently live in. This should make sense to most people.

Let's say you live in North America.

It would be easier to stick to your own time zone than to try and flip your whole routine and schedule around. The best time to stream would likely be during the peak times of your time zone.

An important factor to consider is if you want to show your stream to two different audiences, you can do two shorter streams (three to four hours long each) throughout the day.

One in the early morning and one more in the evening.

This is a good strategy to hit most regions and increase your odds of increasing your audience, twitch viewers, and followers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should You Stream on Twitch Every Day?

Streaming is really fun when you first start. But it can become tiring. You might want to stream every day for a while. A good streaming time would be 3-5 days a week.

It would help if you worked hard to create more great content during your days off to make people excited about watching you again.

Is It Better to Stream in the Morning or at Night?

This all depends on where you live, and If you are starting streaming, you should stream at night, in the morning, and especially during weekends when more people are watching Twitch.

As long as you have a schedule that makes sense and research the best times to stream, you will have a good experience.

How Long Should I Stream a Day?

Streamers should go live 3-5 times a week for an average of 3-6 hours per session on Twitch.

It is important to have time between streams to grow the channel, make content, network with other people, and advertising.

Final Words

No one can answer when the best time to stream on Twitch is.

In the end, it depends on you and your plans.

Some people think that you should start streaming early if you want to have an audience on Twitch. However, you can also do other things like streaming less popular games and using social media to get people to watch on the days that work for you.

Try these suggestions and see what works best for you.

Good luck!

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