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Best Gaming Chairs with Speakers – My Six Picks for An Immersive Gaming Experience

Best Gaming Chairs with Speakers – My Six Picks for An Immersive Gaming Experience

A comfortable and feature-packed gaming chair is essential for playing games and streaming over long periods. In my guide to the best gaming chairs with speakers, I will show you the most comfortable gaming chairs that also provide unrivaled audio quality.

With an integrated speaker setup, you can seamlessly connect your console, PC, and devices to provide an immersive gaming experience.

I’ll go through what you need to think about before buying a chair and review the top six gaming chairs with speakers in detail.

If you want a quick overview of the gaming chairs with speakers that made my list, have a look at the table below.

Bottom Line Up Front: I have tried and reviewed many gaming chairs with speakers and my top choice is the ACE Casual furniture Pedestal Extreme III 2.1. This gaming chair offers unreal sound with two speakers and four ported subwoofers, while the material is comfortable and durable. If you want a comfy gaming chair that has excellent sound alongside an awesome design, this is the one.

At a Glance: 6 Best Gaming Chairs with Speakers

Gaming Chair Best for Dimensions More Information
ACE Casual furniture Pedestal Extreme III 2.1 Best overall gaming chair with speakers 29.13″D x 16.14″W x 30.91″H Find out more information
X Rocker Surge Wireless Bluetooth 2.1 Best rocker gaming chair with speakers 36.81″D x 32.28″W x 20.89″H Find out more information
Southern Wolf Gaming Chair Best gaming chair with speakers and a footrest 26.38″D x 26.38″W x 47.25″H Find out more information
BestMassage Shiatsu Recliner with Bluetooth Speaker Best gaming chair with speakers and massage function 54″D x 30″W x 30″H Find out more information
X Rocker Pro Series H3 Best gaming chair with speakers and vibrations 35″D x 22″W x 34.5″H Find out more information
X Rocker Extreme III 2.0 Gaming Rocker Chair Best budget gaming chair with speakers 26″D x 17.5″W x 17″H Find out more information

Things to Consider When Buying a Gaming Chair

There are so many gaming chairs on the market, and it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the choices available. So, before you buy a new gaming chair, consider some things first.


Ergonomics is how the gaming chair is designed for comfort and support. As you will likely be sitting on the chair for long periods, especially if you are streaming on Twitch, you will need the chair to offer superior comfort.

There are several gaming chair designs available.

  • Office Chair: This gaming chair has a standard office chair design; however, it will provide a lot more support, comfort, and features. This type of chair comes with wheels and armrests, and if you work from home, it can be an excellent investment to use both when gaming and working. These chairs are often adjustable which means you can tailor them for maximum comfort.
  • Rocker: The rocker is a popular gaming chair style as it sits on the floor and offers great ergonomics for comfort and support. These chairs are often associated with kids, but many adults prefer this setup. Although, rocker gaming chairs can be pretty heavy to move around.
  • Massage Chair: These gaming chairs are less common because they usually cost a lot of money. However, a massage chair can double up as a highly comfortable gaming chair that you can spend hours playing your favorite games.


The material plays a significant role in how comfortable a gaming chair is and how long it is likely to last. You will find that most gaming chairs are made from PU leather, although you can buy more expensive models made from genuine leather.

Other materials that gaming chairs use include synthetic webbing and microfiber, which help with breathability.

A PU leather and breathable mesh gaming chair is perfect for comfort and durability for most people.


When buying a gaming chair, you should consider how big it is and if it will fit into the available space.

The size doesn’t matter as much for office-type chairs because they are designed to sit at a desk; however, rocker chairs and message gaming chairs will require some thought. Ensure that you know the chair’s dimensions before you buy and match this with how much room you have to spare in your gaming and streaming setup.

Weight Capacity

Gaming chairs can usually hold more weight than standard office chairs as they have more support. However, it is best to check this before buying to ensure that the chair is comfortable. Most gaming chairs will let you know what height and weight they are ideal for.

Big and tall gaming chairs can often hold over 500 lbs of weight, so these chairs are the best choice if you need extra support and reinforcement.

Other Features

The great thing about having a gaming chair is that it offers a much more feature-rich experience than a regular desk chair. Depending on the type of gaming you do or regularly stream to an audience, you may need additional features.

Some brilliant features you can find on gaming chairs include:

  • Speakers (I’ll show you the top six gaming chairs with speakers below)
  • USB charging ports to charge your devices
  • Console integration for a better gaming experience
  • Vibrations to enhance certain games
  • Armrest and extra support for maximum comfort

If you want to increase your gaming experience and get more viewers on your streams, a gaming chair with additional features is a great way to do it.

Selection Criteria

To ensure that only the top gaming chairs with speakers made my list, I had to apply some selection criteria. There are so many different gaming chairs on the market, and going through the list can be incredibly time-consuming. So, the criteria I used to find the best gaming chairs included:

  • Audio quality – The gaming chairs with speakers that I chose all offer a high-quality audio experience so that you can get the most from your gaming.
  • Comfort – All the gaming chairs on my list are comfortable and provide an excellent level of support.
  • Cost – I want to ensure that everyone can benefit from a good quality gaming chair, and I included both expensive and budget options.
  • Extra Features – The gaming chairs that I handpicked have additional features beyond just comfort and integrated speakers.

6 Best Gaming Chairs with Speakers

These are the best gaming chairs with integrated speakers that you can buy right now.

ACE Casual Furniture Pedestal Extreme III 2.1 – Best Overall Gaming Chair with Speakers

The ACE Casual furniture Pedestal Extreme III 2.1 is my number one pick for a gaming chair with speakers.

This chair is comfy and provides plenty of support for those long gaming sessions as it is made from faux leather with breathable material. You will find two armrests on this chair for added comfort.

There are two integrated speakers near the headrest alongside subwoofers and AFM Audio Force Modulation technology, creating a superior audio experience.

The AFM Audio Force Modulation technology creates vibrations and enhances the overall sound. You can quickly adapt the audio for your preference with the control panel, including bass controls. The audio can be connected wirelessly through Bluetooth or via the 3.5mm headphone jack.

Even though I have found this gaming chair to be comfortable, it could benefit from having better lower back support. You can notice this over particularly long gaming sessions, but overall the comfort level is high.

If you want a premium gaming chair with speakers that offers fantastic audio quality and a nifty design, the ACE Casual furniture Pedestal Extreme III 2.1 is my number one choice.


  • Provides fantastic sound quality
  • Has two speakers and four ported power subwoofers
  • Modern and stylish design
  • Made from faux leather and breathable material


  • Could have better lower back support for long gaming sessions

X Rocker Surge Wireless Bluetooth 2.1 – Best Rocker Gaming Chair with Speakers

X Rocker is a well-known gaming chair brand, and the X Rocker Surge Wireless Bluetooth 2.1 is ideal if you want a gaming chair with a rocker design.

Many people prefer this type of gaming chair that sits on the floor, and the upside of this model is that it is foldable. This means you can easily store it away if you need.

The X Rocker Surge Wireless Bluetooth 2.1 offers two forward-facing speakers and a four-inch subwoofer. The overall sound quality is excellent, and you can connect any Bluetooth device within 30-feet to the chair. You can also connect this chair up to many consoles and Smart TVs for increased compatibility.

The material is faux leather, and the rocking motion does provide a high level of comfort.

I would like to have other features on the chair, such as USB charging ports, but it has a pretty minor downside. Whether you are buying this for a child or if you plan on using this yourself for streaming content, the X Rocker Surge Wireless Bluetooth 2.1 is the best rocker type gaming chair that has brilliant audio quality.


  • Comfortable rocker gaming chair
  • Made from faux leather with a foldable design
  • Has excellent audio quality


  • Lacks additional features

Southern Wolf Gaming Chair – Best Gaming Chair with Speakers and a Footrest

A footrest can ramp up the comfort level when gaming, especially for long periods, and this is why the Southern Wolf Gaming Chair has made my list.

The footrest is a great addition to this gaming chair, and I love the modern and cutting-edge design. There is also a cool massage feature that you can turn on, massively improving your overall comfort level, and it is fully adjustable. Given that this is an office chair, you can easily double it up for working at home too.

So, what about that audio? This Southern Wolf gaming chair has good audio quality. It perhaps isn’t as great as some others on my list; however, it is still better than many other gaming chairs out there. If you are looking for a gaming chair with decent audio and a high comfort level, you can do a lot worse than this one from Southern Wolf.

I have also reviewed many other gaming chairs that come with a footrest which you might find useful.


  • Provides decent audio quality
  • Has a footrest and massage function
  • Offers a modern design


  • The audio could be a bit better
  • Assembly instructions are a little unclear

BestMassage Shiatsu Recliner with Bluetooth SpeakerBest Gaming Chair with Speakers and Massage Function

While the Southern Wolf Gaming Chair above has an in-built massage mode, if you want a truly relaxing experience, the BestMassage Shiatsu Recliner with Bluetooth Speaker is the answer.

This isn’t a ‘gaming chair’ as such; however, its design and integrated Bluetooth speaker system means it is perfect for gaming while remaining as comfortable as possible throughout. The chair is made from genuine leather, so be prepared to spend extra cash to buy one.

The audio quality is surprisingly good, considering that it isn’t purpose-built for gaming, although you might want to invest in another model if you want a better audio experience.

This is an ideal option if you are a casual gamer and perhaps don’t spend hours on your console. It offers a really high level of comfort with the massage function, and the audio quality is pretty decent too.


  • Extremely relaxing massage chair
  • Has in-built Bluetooth speakers
  • Would suit casual gamers


  • This chair is quite expensive

X Rocker Pro Series H3 – Best Gaming Chair with Speakers and Vibrations

A vibrating gaming chair can offer a truly immersive gaming experience that takes you right into the heart of the action. This is the second X Rocker model on my list, and the X Rocker Pro Series H3 is an all-round fantastic gaming chair.

The comfort level with this chair is high, and I love the armrests, which you often don’t see on a rocker gaming chair. The chair is well padded, so you won’t even notice the time flying by if you are spending hours playing games.

The defining feature is the additional vibration motors that sync with the bass controls and provide an unparalleled experience. Overall the audio quality is excellent, and you have a lot of management over how this chair will sound through the control panel. You can also connect this chair to consoles, other devices, and other gaming chairs.

You will need an audio to HDMI converter for some older consoles, but it is a minor downside. If you want a rumbling gaming experience with brilliant comfort and performance, the Rocker Pro Series H3 is hard to beat.


  • Provides rumbling vibrations for immersive gaming
  • Excellent audio quality
  • Extremely comfortable


  • You may need audio convertors for older consoles

X Rocker Extreme III 2.0 Gaming Rocker Chair – Best Budget Gaming Chair with Speakers

My last pick for a gaming chair with speakers is a budget option.

The X Rocker Extreme III 2.0 Gaming Rocker Chair does offer good performance, and if you are trying to create a streaming setup on a budget, this chair is a good option.

The design is quite basic, but the polyester material is comfortable, so you can spend many hours sitting on this chair without any problems. X Rocker gaming chairs tend to have superior audio quality, and this one is no different. It might not provide the same experience as higher-end gaming chairs, but the two built-in speakers offer decent audio.

If you don’t have much money to spend but still want a solid gaming chair with in-built audio, this X Rocker model will do the job.


  • Available at a budget price
  • Offers decent comfort
  • Audio quality is pretty good


  • Some concerns around the durability
  • Can’t compete with more expensive gaming chairs

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do I Really Need a Gaming Chair?

Answer: A gaming chair is required if you want a more comfortable and immersive experience. They offer better comfort and more features than a standard desk chair.

Question: What is the Best Type of Gaming Chair?

Answer: It depends. Rocker gaming chairs that are close to the floor are very popular; however, if you want a more traditional model, this can double up as a desk chair for working.

Question: Do Gaming Chairs Have Extra Features?

Answer: Yes. Gaming chairs often come packed with extra features to provide better gaming and streaming experience. These features can include in-built speakers, vibrations, massage functions, armrests, and console/PC connectivity.

Question: Should I Spend a Lot of Money on a Gaming Chair?

Answer: If you are on a tight budget and want to start streaming with some freebies, cheap gaming chairs still offer good functionality and performance. You don’t necessarily need to spend hundreds of dollars on a gaming chair if you don’t want to, although the higher-end models will have more features.

Question: Is X Rocker a Good Gaming Chair Brand?

Answer: Yes. X Rocker is a popular gaming chair manufacturer, and they sell many high-quality gaming chairs with fantastic features. They also offer gaming accessories.

Which is the Best Gaming Chair with Speakers?

I advise choosing the ACE Casual furniture Pedestal Extreme III 2.1 for the best gaming chair with speakers.

Aside from requiring a bit more lower back support, there isn’t anything bad to say about this chair. Even the support issue is only there over particularly long gaming sessions. This chair’s audio quality is unmatched and can connect to various consoles and even other gaming chairs. You have complete control over the audio settings, and the design is pretty cool.

Overall, this is a fantastic gaming chair with excellent audio from the speaker setup.

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