Best Twitch Name Generators in 2021

Posted by StreamerStartup on March 10, 2021

Trying to Get That Perfect Twitch Account Name?

Remember those days of old when you were choosing your Gamer tag and how difficult it was to settle on one?

However, with the rise of social media and online gaming communities, naming yourself has become far less stressful. In fact, some people actually place a lot more thought into their gamer name than they do into their real-life name!

Well, now that Twitch is such an integral part of gaming culture as well as a popular avenue for streaming entertainment or even esports competitions, you may be looking for the best twitch names that are available.

Choosing a name for your Twitch stream is an important aspect of branding. Your channel's identity will be established by your name on Twitch and other platforms, so it is important to find the right one that matches your stream's tone.

Find a channel name that is memorable and fitting for what you want to promote.

Don’t waste any more time finding the right username for your Twitch stream with the help of the twitch name generator tools below!

Best Twitch Name Generator Sites - The Top 5

The Twitch name generators below will help you find a name for your channel. Just enter some keywords associated with your brand or your interests, and they will generate some twitch usernames for you.

1. SpinXO

You'll never be stuck for a username again with SpinXO, which lets you create hundreds of unique name ideas.

This Twitch name generator allows you to have plenty of name options that include using a name, nickname, hobbies, or any keyword related to what you do or like. You can even select an option for rhyming words.

Keywords related to the words you used are added automatically unless you checked the Exact Words box.

SpinXO - Username Generator - Generating Username

In addition to the username generator generating random usernames, it also offers instant availability checks for the brand name you want to verify.

It is very limited to which networks it scans the twitch username (Youtube, Tumblr, Blogger, PSN, Reddit). But we have this issue covered later on in this post.

So click that Spin button as many times as you need from this name generator to get a list of that perfect twitch streamer handle.

2. Fantasy Name Generator

This is one of the best name generators for you if you are looking for a fantasy-type name from different categories/worlds. Fantasy Name Generator has a generator for all sorts of names, ranging from alien names to Knight names all the way to Robot names.

Fantasy Name Generator - List of Categories to pick from

You can see how good this name generator is. It has other uses than getting twitch names. If you ever got stuck trying to think of names for in-game characters, this should cover you for the rest of your life.

To use this generator, click on the category of name or things that you want it to generate, and it'll generate a bunch of variations of names for that specific word/category. This is pretty handy for gamers that like these types of genres to come up with something.

Fantasy Name Generator - Generated Names

If you do not like the names, you can refresh the page you are on, and the name generator will populate new names in the list.

With the wide variety of categories to pick from, you can see how good this keyword tool can be for creating usernames or coming up with a twitch name for twitch streamers.

3. Cool Screen Name Generator

The Cool Screen Name Generator can help you set the tone for your Twitch name.

This Twitch name generator has been carefully designed to provide names that will get people's attention. If you're looking to give your online presence a dose of style and charisma, this name generator has got plenty of diverse options to choose from!

Select the minimum and maximum length of letters and the sex of the name, and then click the generate button to get a list of useable names.

Granted, you will need to modify the name to be used as a Twitch username or account, but these might be great for Social Media without modifying them.

4. Jimpix

If you’re looking for a random Twitch name generator, Jimpix has got your back.

All you need to do is choose between two categories, a starting letter and how you want the name laid out and press the go button! Then all the names that meet those criteria are spit out at once in a list giving you multiple choices to pick from or modify for your Twitch account!

JIMPIX - Username Generator

It also offers instant availability checks by clicking on the name you like. It will check many social media networks such as Youtube and Twitter for the username you want to verify. The downside is it does not check Twitch.

JIMPIX - Username Generator - Check Availability

This twitch name generator is a good one at coming up with ideas for streamers and content creators to help them either come up with a channel name, a nickname, or a proper username.

5. Name Generator

Last and not least, the Screen Name Generator offers many manual customizations that the other ones don't.

For example, you have the option to type in a prefix or suffix, and once you click on the Generate Screen Names button, it'll generate a middle part that flows well with what's been typed before.

The output from this cool generator should give you plenty of twitch names to either use or modify to your liking.

Tips on Creating the Best Twitch Name

Before jumping in and just picking a username or nickname that sounds the best, there is some information you should think about.

Tips to Follow

Keep it short and simple. It is easier to grow yourself and your brand.
Make sure your name or nickname is appropriate for the Twitch community and its TOS.
Keep in mind the content you want to stream (video games, Real life, just chatting, etc. and the genres of games)
Keep it PG13
Avoid using numbers or symbols. It shows that you couldn't think of something unique or someone beat you to the punch.
Make sure it's available across all platforms and secure it. You can verify if your username is available with Namechk.

Final Word

We all want to be unique when creating a Twitch Stream or YouTube channel. That's why we're here.

Because we know it can get overwhelming trying to come up with the perfect name, you would love for your brand.

The good thing is, we covered some of the best twitch name generators in this post in hopes that it helps your creative side to find a unique username or nickname that you can use.

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