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A Quick Way of How to Find Your Twitch Stream Key

A Quick Way of How to Find Your Twitch Stream Key
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Learn how to find your twitch stream key with this how-to guide. We have all the information you need to get you streaming on

Where is my Twitch Stream Key?

If you want to find your twitch stream key, follow along below.

Don’t like videos? No problem, we’ve even written everything down for you just in case.

How to Find Twitch Stream Key

First, start by going to Twitch and either logging into your account or create an account.

Secondly, once completed, at the top right corner, click your profile and click on Creator Dashboard.

Find Twitch Stream Key

Thirdly, at the bottom left, you will click on the Channel option under Settings, which will bring you to the Stream Key & Preferences screen where you will see your Primary Stream Key.

You will need to click on the Show option below the hidden stream key.

Find Twitch Stream Key

Finally, you’ll have to accept the warning that it gives you by clicking the I Understand button. 

Once completed, your stream key will appear in that box above, and you will be able to copy it using the Copy button.

Find Twitch Stream Key

In Conclusion – Where is my Twitch Stream Key?

We hope you enjoyed our short guide on how to find your Twitch stream key. All that is left now is to enter it in your streaming program of choice and start streaming/creating content.

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