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Best Video Gaming Chairs at Walmart – My Top Picks to Improve Your Gaming Setup

Best Video Gaming Chairs at Walmart – My Top Picks to Improve Your Gaming Setup

There are dozens of high-quality gaming chairs available on Walmart, and my guide to the best video gaming chairs at Walmart will show you the top six.

I have spent a long time trying and reviewing different gaming chairs to save you a lot of effort. Therefore, not only will I list the top six gaming chairs, but I will detail the things you should consider before you buy.

If you want a quick overview of the best gaming chairs from Walmart that made my list, have a look at the table below.

Bottom Line Up Front: In my opinion, the best gaming chair you can buy from Walmart is the BestOffice Racing Style Gaming Chair. While this chair lacks some extra features such as inbuilt speakers, it makes up for this by ensuring incredible comfort. The footrest, adjustable height, and reclining angle alongside the PU leather material will allow you to game and stream for hours on end.

At a Glance: 6 Best Video Gaming Chairs Walmart

Gaming Chair Best for Dimensions More Information
BestOffice Racing Style Gaming Chair Best overall Walmart gaming chair 21.5″D x 27.5″W x 47.6″H Find out more information
Homall Adjustable Ergonomic High Back Best Walmart gaming chair for color choices 19.8″D x 20.5″W x 47.8″H Find out more information
X Rocker Pro 200 Best rocker Walmart gaming chair 35″D x 26″W x 30″H Find out more information
The Crew Furniture Classic Video Rocker Gaming Chair Best Walmart gaming chair for kids 22″D x 15.9″W x 32.7″H Find out more information
BestOffice Adjustable & Lumbar Support Swivel Gaming Chair Best budget Walmart Gaming Chair 45.7″D x 18″W x 19.3″H Find out more information
GTPLAYER 2022 Gaming Chair Leather Office Chair with Footrest Best Walmart gaming chair with footrest 27.56″D x 20.87″W x 53.15″H Find out more information

Things to Consider When Buying a Gaming Chair

Gaming chairs are available in various styles, designs, and many offer additional features to aid comfort and functionality. So, to ensure that you get the right gaming chair you need, there are a few things to consider first.


If you have a quick look on the Walmart website, you’ll come across a variety of different styles of gaming chairs. They all have their advantages and disadvantages, and some are more suited to PC or console gaming.

Office Chair

An office chair design is best if you are sitting at a gaming desk, and it can be used for both console and PC gaming. The great thing about this design is that it can fit seamlessly into a home office setup, so you can use this gaming chair for work and gaming if you work from home.

These gaming chairs offer high comfort levels and are ideal for long streaming sessions.


Another gaming chair design you will come across is a rocker-style gaming chair, and these chairs are ideal for console gaming. They sit on the floor, so you can’t use one at a gaming desk; however, they often come with built-in speakers, and you can sometimes sync them up to your gaming console.

These chairs are very comfortable, but they can take up a lot of floor space.

Massage Chair

Some massage chairs can work as gaming chairs, especially if they have built-in Bluetooth speakers. This type of gaming chair provides excellent comfort, and the massage functions are perfect for long hours streaming content or playing your favorite console or PC games. Massage chairs can cost a lot of money and often don’t come with some gaming features that you find on other chairs.


Choosing a gaming chair with a certain material is vital for comfort and durability.

Most gaming chairs are made from PU leather, an ideal material for comfortable gaming sessions, easy cleaning, and when combined with mesh lining, offer breathability too. However, you can also find fabric gaming chairs that provide soft-touch and more expensive chairs made from genuine leather.


One aspect that can determine the gaming chair you purchase is the available space. This doesn’t apply as much to desk chairs, although you should pay attention to ensure that it fits seamlessly with the size of your gaming desk.

When you look through the gaming chairs on Walmart, the dimensions are listed in the product information. So, if you are tight on space at home, this is a crucial thing to consider. Also, I have listed the dimensions for the top gaming chairs from Walmart in the table above to give you an idea if they are suitable for your gaming setup.

Other Features

Unsurprisingly, gaming chairs come equipped with various gaming features, which sets these chairs apart from a standard office chair. However, it would help if you thought about what extra features you require, whether purely for comfort or enhanced functionality.

Some of the extra features you find on gaming chairs can include:

  • Wireless audio and console connectivity
  • A footrest for added comfort
  • Input and output connections
  • Cup holders and massage functions
  • Inbuilt speakers for a more immersive gaming experience

You might not need all of these additional functions for your gaming chair, but just one or two can massively aid your comfort levels and the overall performance of the chair.

Selection Criteria

You can easily spend hours going through all the different gaming chairs on Walmart. As I only wanted to list the top gaming chairs that you can find at Walmart in my guide, I had to use some criteria to filter through all the different models available. The criteria I used includes:

Different Styles

I chose to include both office-style/racing chairs and rocker gaming chairs in my list, as some prefer one type over the other.


I made sure that all the gaming chairs on my list were affordable for most people and won’t set you back too much money, especially if you are on a tight budget.


All the gaming chairs I have chosen are known for their high comfort levels, and they regularly receive positive reviews on padding, support, and features that improve overall comfort.


Most of the gaming chairs on my list are available in various colors to suit all tastes and aesthetics.

6 Best Video Gaming Chairs from Walmart

You can find a lot of gaming chairs from Walmart, and these are my top six recommendations for comfort and overall performance.

BestOffice Racing Style Gaming Chair – Best Overall Walmart Gaming Chair

Whether you are gaming on a PC or a console, the BestOffice Racing Style Gaming Chair is my top choice from Walmart as it provides everything you need.

This office-style gaming chair is incredibly comfortable and features a high backrest, plenty of padding, including a lumbar cushion, and it can recline 90 to 180 degrees. Also, the addition of a footrest is excellent and allows you to recline back and get lost in your favorite games for hours without any reduction in comfort levels.

The PU leather material provides comfort and breathability and ensures that this gaming is easy to clean and maintain. In addition, the chair is adjustable and allows you to find the perfect height for your gaming desk.

I’ve chosen this gaming chair mainly based on the superior comfort levels it provides. This can easily double up as a home office chair for work, and you’ll be hard pushed to find a more comfortable gaming chair at Walmart.

One thing that lets this chair down is the lack of additional features such as in-built speakers. However, suppose you want a fantastically comfortable and durable chair that comes in five color options and is available at a reasonable cost. In that case, the BestOffice Racing Style Gaming Chair is my top pick.


  • Very comfortable and has a footrest
  • Made from PU leather
  • It can be used in your home office
  • Adjustable height to work with your gaming desk


  • Lacks some additional gaming chair features such as wireless audio

Homall Adjustable Ergonomic High Back – Best Walmart Gaming Chair for Color Choices

The Homall Adjustable Ergonomic High Back gaming chair provided a great combination of comfort and design as it is available in eight different colors. The various color options you have is why this chair has made my list as you can choose from:

  • White
  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Gray
  • Light blue
  • Purple

This is an excellent choice if you care about the aesthetics when streaming your gaming adventures.

However, it isn’t just the color schemes that make this a good gaming chair. The comfort levels are great as this chair is made from PU leather, and it can recline 90 – 180 degrees. Also, you can adjust the height of the hair to ensure it fits with your gaming desk.

The chair would suit anyone who wants a functional office chair that can be used for gaming and work.

The assembly can be tricky, and many people have found that you need two people to get this chair set up properly.


  • Available in eight colors
  • Adjustable height and reclines
  • It can be used as a office chair


  • Assembly is difficult for one person

X Rocker Pro 200 – Best Rocker Walmart Gaming Chair

Many people prefer a rocker-style gaming chair, especially for console gaming, which is why I have included the X Rocker Pro 200.

X-Rocker is a popular brand, and I always find their chairs high-quality and very functional. This chair comes with excellent in-built audio features such as the subwoofer and two speakers with AFM Technology. You can also connect this gaming chair up to a TV, although it doesn’t directly link to consoles that use an HDMI connection.

There are controls at the side of the gaming chair that allow you to manage the audio, and they’re handy for adjusting sound levels and bass quickly. Rocker chairs are generally comfortable, and this model is no different. The addition of the armrests further enhances the overall comfort levels of this X-Rocker gaming chair.

This chair isn’t suited to PC gaming as it sits on the floor, so you can’t use it at a gaming desk. The X Rocker Pro 200 is an excellent pick from Walmarts rocker gaming chair selection for console gaming and having inbuilt audio.


  • Comfortable rocker-style gaming chair
  • It has two inbuilt speakers and a subwoofer
  • Audio controls on the side
  • Suited to console gaming


  • This chair won’t work with a gaming desk
  • It won’t directly connect to consoles with an HDMI connection

The Crew Furniture Classic Video Rocker Gaming Chair – Best Walmart Gaming Chair for Kids

It isn’t just adults who can use a gaming chair, and The Crew Furniture Classic Video Rocker Gaming Chair is my choice if you want to buy a kids gaming chair from Walmart.

This rocker model is perfect for ages three and up, and it is also available at a low cost. The chair is made from polyurethane faux leather and 3D polyester spacer mesh, which ensures comfort and makes this chair easy to clean.

While there aren’t many additional features with this gaming chair, it works great for kids and short playing time. Another bonus of this chair is that it comes fully assembled, so you won’t have to spend a long time getting this model set up and ready to sit on.

Overall, the Crew Furniture Classic Video Rocker Gaming Chair is pretty basic, but it provides comfort and is available at a low price.


  • Available at a low price
  • Will suit younger children (3 years+)
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Basic model without many features

BestOffice Adjustable & Lumbar Support Swivel Gaming Chair – Best budget Walmart Gaming Chair

Even though the BestOffice Adjustable & Lumbar Support Swivel Gaming Chair is my budget pick, it comes with a host of excellent features to improve comfort when gaming over long periods.

This chair has a massage function that gives off vibrations and can be managed via remote control. This feature is brilliant for relaxing and ensuring you don’t suffer fatigue, while the PU leather material also provides comfort and durability.

You can adjust this chair as you see fit as it can move up or down depending on the height of your desk. The design is a bit basic, and it looks much more like an office chair than a gaming chair. However, it is available in five colors – white, black, red, and camouflage, but if you want a more striking and modern style, you may want to look elsewhere.

For the price, this gaming chair offers great comfort a massage function and is ideal for streaming on a budget.


  • Good gaming chair on a budget
  • It has a massage function
  • Comfortable and durable


  • This design is a bit basic

GTPLAYER 2022 Gaming Chair Leather Office Chair with Footrest – Best Walmart Gaming Chair With Footrest

If having a footrest is vital for your gaming chair, go for the GTPLAYER 2022 Gaming Chair Leather Office Chair with Footrest.

This gaming chair has a footrest that, alongside the 90 – 150 degree reclining angle, can offer the perfect combination to kick back and relax. There is also a lumbar massage pillow, and the PU leather and padding provide brilliant support for gaming over several hours.

There are a number of color options with this gaming chair, including red, blue, green, pink, and white, so it is easy enough to find a style to suit your aesthetic.

I think the chair could benefit from having extra padding, especially in the seat cushion. However, this gaming chair does provide good comfort, and the addition of the footrest will appeal to many people.


  • Comfortable gaming chair with a footrest
  • Available in many different colors
  • Won’t cost a lot of money
  • It comes with a lumbar massage pillow


  • The seat cushion could have extra padding

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I Buy a Good Gaming Chair at Walmart?

Answer: Yes. Walmart has a vast selection of fantastic gaming chairs, and my list shows you the top six gaming chairs available at Walmart right now.

Question: Are Walmart Gaming Chairs Expensive?

Answer: Not really. While you can find budget and expensive gaming chairs at Walmart, this giant retailer provides most gaming chairs at a very competitive price.

Question: Do Walmart Offer Good Gaming Chair Brands?

Answer: Yes. Even though many gaming chairs on Walmart are available at a better and more cost-effective price than some other retailers, they still carry well-known brands. This includes famous names such as X-Rocker and many others that have been manufacturing quality gaming chairs for years.

Question: Can I Find Rocker Gaming Chairs at Walmart?

Answer: Yes. Many rocker gaming chairs are available at Walmart to suit all budgets. X-Rocker is a popular brand, and many of their comfortable, stylish, and functional gaming chairs are available to buy at Walmart.

Question: What Gaming Chairs do Professional Streamers Use?

Answer: Whether on Twitch or YouTube, professional streamers use various different gaming chairs and other accessories in their setup. You can find out the chairs, desks, monitors, keyboards, and other gaming equipment professionals use on my blog.

Question: Will a Gaming Chair Connect Directly to my Console?

Answer: Possibly. Many rocker gaming chairs have console compatibility; however, you might find that they need to connect to the TV to emit audio rather than directly to your console.

Which is the Best Video Gaming Chair from Walmart?

The best gaming chair you can buy at Walmart right now is the BestOffice Racing Style Gaming Chair.

Available at a very reasonable cost, this gaming chair provides fantastic comfort levels with excellent lumbar support, padding, adjustable height, and a footrest.

Even though there is a lack of gaming-specific features such as speakers or other audio connectivity, the BestOffice Racing Style Gaming Chair is perfect for any home gaming setup.

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