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Best Walmart Gaming Desks – My Top 6 Picks to Enhance Your Gaming Experience

Best Walmart Gaming Desks – My Top 6 Picks to Enhance Your Gaming Experience

Creating content on a streaming platform requires a suitable setup, and my guide on the best Walmart gaming desks will help you create an exceptional experience for your viewers.

Walmart is a giant retailer, and going through its hundreds of desks is massively time-consuming. Luckily, I have done the work for you.

I will show you the features you should think about before buying a gaming desk, the top gaming desks you can purchase from Walmart, and you’ll find answers to common questions too.

Have a look below if you want a quick overview of the gaming desks that have made my list.

Bottom Line Up Front: After trying out and reviewing many great gaming desks from Walmart, my top pick is the SOUTHERN WOLF E-Sport Computer Desk.

This desk provides everything you need for a fantastic battle station, including an ergonomic design, textured surface, plenty of monitor space, and many extra features. You can also pick this gaming desk up for a reasonable cost too.

At a Glance: 6 Best Walmart Gaming Desks

Gaming Desk Best for More Information
SOUTHERN WOLF E-Sport Computer Desk Best overall Walmart gaming desk Find out more information
Bestier 55 “L-Shaped LED Gaming Computer Desk Best eco-friendly L-shaped Walmart gaming desk Check Price
MASBEKTE Industrial U-shaped Computer Desk Best U shaped Walmart gaming desk Check Price
Madesa Modern Wood Computer Gaming Desk Best Walmart gaming desk with extra storage Check Price
FITUEYES Gaming Computer Desk Best budget Walmart gaming desk Check Price
Bestier 55 inch Gaming Desk with RGB LED Lights Best Walmart gaming desk with lights Check Price

Things to Consider When Buying a Gaming Desk

Gaming Desk

Before you jump in and buy a gaming desk from Walmart, there are a few things you need to consider about the setup you need.


Gaming desks come in various shapes and sizes, so you need to ensure that you buy the correct desk for the space you have available.

The best thing to do is measure the area where you plan on putting the gaming desk. This will give you a good indication of the width, length, and depth you require, and it can also help you filter down the many gaming desks you find at Walmart.

If you don’t measure before you buy, you risk purchasing a desk that is either too big and won’t fit or is too small and looks out of place in the room.


Something else to consider is the desk’s height and whether or not it is adjustable.

The height is often overlooked and ignored by many people; however, buying a gaming desk that you will likely spend many hours at and is too short or tall can cause problems. This includes poor posture, which can lead to back and neck issues.

So, the ergonomics of your gaming desk is vital, and you can find resources that tell you the ideal dimensions of a gaming desk based on your height. An adjustable gaming desk is an excellent way of ensuring the dimensions are perfect for your setup.


The shape is one of the most important things to consider when buying a gaming desk. So, what different shapes are available.

  • L Shaped: An L shape desk is one of the most popular types of gaming desk, as they provide a lot more room. This is ideal if you have more than a monitor or if you want to house a microphone boom arm or speakers on your desk.
  • U Shaped: Another popular gaming setup, a U-shaped desk, will give you even more room than an L-shaped desk. This desk type is particularly useful if you want a surround sound setup or if you have multiple screens.
  • Z Shaped: Z-shaped desks are a bit more basic, and they don’t usually provide a lot of desk space and room. However, they can be cheaper, and if you are only using one monitor (or two smaller screens), they are an ideal option, especially if you don’t have a lot of space.


The best gaming desks tend to have good storage options. This might not be something that you need; however, having at least some storage facilities in your gaming desk is incredibly beneficial.

Many basic and budget gaming desks won’t provide much storage, but if you don’t have a lot of money to spend, you can find desks available at a reasonable cost that does offer storage options. Having a few drawers or even just open storage underneath the desk will allow you to put away items like headphones, controllers, and microphones and keep your gaming space clean and uncluttered.

Other Features

Finally, gaming desks often have many other features that either extend their functionality or just look pretty cool.

This includes things such as:

  • LED lights to really ramp up the look of your gaming setup
  • Cable management to keep your battle station clean and tidy
  • Monitor stands and arms to help with ergonomics.

These are just a few other features you can find on gaming desks, but they can turn a basic desk into a highly functional one that offers a cutting-edge design.

Selection Criteria

Gaming Desk: Selection Criteria

A quick look through Walmart’s selection of desks brings back a lot of results. So, to reduce my list down to a reasonable level, I had to apply some criteria which ensured only the best gaming desks from Walmart made the cut. These criteria included:

  • Specific gaming desks – All the desks on my list have been made with gaming in mind. This means they have particular features which will create an ideal setup for playing games or streaming content.
  • Cost – Gaming desks don’t have to set you back several hundred dollars, and the desks on my list are all very affordable.
  • Durable – As gaming desks are used often, and for long periods, they need to be long-lasting. The desks on my list are made from durable materials.
  • Shapes – Depending on your preference and space available at home, I have included Z, L, and U-shaped desks to suit everyone.

6 Best Walmart Gaming Desks

Walmart sells a lot of gaming desks, so instead of you having to shift through all the products, these are my top 6 picks.

SOUTHERN WOLF E-Sport Computer Desk – Best Overall Walmart Gaming Desk

SOUTHERN WOLF E-Sport Computer Desk - Best Overall Walmart Gaming Desk

The SOUTHERN WOLF E-Sport Computer Desk has everything you need for a stylish, functional, and quality desk for your gaming setup.

This z-shaped desk has a ton of extra features that are invaluable for gamers, including:

  • Cupholder
  • Headphone hook
  • Cable management
  • Carbon fiber textured surface

The LED lights at each side offer a modern aesthetic and allows you to create some stunning visuals on your streams.

There is a distinct lack of storage as this is a Z-shaped desk that doesn’t offer any drawers or compartments. It might not be a big deal for everyone, but it is a downside on this gaming desk.

However, this desk is sturdily built, and the metal legs, textured surface, and overall construction means that it isn’t going to fall apart anytime soon. Also, the curved design is ideal for good ergonomics and comfort. This isn’t the largest gaming desk around, but it offers enough space to house some screens and other accessories.

This desk is my number one choice because it offers everything you need (aside from proper storage options), looks great, and it is available at a very reasonable price.


  • Modern looking gaming desk with LED lights
  • Comfortable and inline with good ergonomics
  • Has many extra features
  • It doesn’t cost a lot of money


  • Lack of adequate storage options

Bestier 55 “L-Shaped LED Gaming Computer Desk – Best Eco-Friendly L-Shaped Walmart Gaming Desk

Bestier 55 “L-Shaped LED Gaming Computer Desk

L-shaped computer desks have many advantages, including more space and fitting well into various room sizes and designs and if you can get one that is eco-friendly then even better. For example, Walmart’s best eco-friendly L-shaped gaming desk is the Bestier 55 “L-Shaped LED Gaming Computer Desk.

The desk is made from environmentally-friendly P2 particle board, which isn’t as durable as MDF but lighter and easy to clean. This particleboard is manufactured from recycled sawdust, wood chips, and shavings.

The design is relatively basic (although there is an LED strip light), but this desk is very flexible as it can be used in a joined-up L-shape or as two separate desks. So, you have a couple of options on how to use this gaming desk.

As a gaming rig, the carbon fiber texture is ideal, and the length of this desk is perfect for several screens and anything else you need to store on the desktop. Also, if you are environmentally conscious, the Bestier 55 “L-Shaped LED Gaming Computer Desk is made from eco-friendly materials.

Like the SOUTHERN WOLF E-Sport Computer Desk, storage options are limited; however, this is a great choice if you want good quality and eco-friendly L-shaped gaming desk from Walmart.


  • Good quality L-shaped gaming desk
  • Has plenty of room for monitors and accessories
  • Eco-friendly in its construction


  • Lack of storage
  • The design is a bit basic

MASBEKTE Industrial U-shaped Computer Desk – Best U shaped Walmart Gaming Desk

MASBEKTE Industrial U-shaped Computer Desk

U-shaped gaming rigs are brilliant for a surround experience, and that’s why I have included the MASBEKTE Industrial U-shaped Computer Desk on my list.

While this desk can look a bit more at home in an office setup as opposed to streaming and creating content, I think it works well as a gaming desk. This model has a modern industrial design and has plenty of space to house screens, headphones, a keyboard, mouse, and a host of other accessories.

The MDF boards and stainless steel legs offer durability, and the material is scratch-resistant and waterproof. The assembly isn’t complicated either and you can get this desk setup and ready to go in a short space of time.

You will need a decent amount of space for this desk, and it is a little pricey, but the U shape is great for a more extensive setup.


  • Excellent U-shaped desk that can be used for gaming
  • Modern industrial design with plenty of space
  • Durable due to the MDF boards and stainless steel legs


  • Requires a lot of space at home
  • This desk is a bit expensive

Madesa Modern Wood Computer Gaming Desk – Best Walmart Gaming Desk with Extra Storage

Madesa Modern Wood Computer Gaming Desk

Storage is often a big priority for gamers, especially if you want to keep your battle station clean and tidy. This is why I have included the Madesa Modern Wood Computer Gaming Desk on my list, as it offers fantastic storage options.

There are five storage shelves with this gaming desk, and the overall desk space is enough for several monitors. So if you have a gaming den or room at home and need a desk to store your games and accessories, this is a perfect product.

Also, the black design gives it a modern feel, which is what you want as a gamer, while the overall construction is durable.

Putting this desk together can be slightly challenging as the instructions aren’t the clearest. However, it shouldn’t take that long with two people, and the end result is well worth the effort.

So, this is a stellar option if you need that extra storage space and don’t mind a relatively simple gaming desk where you can put away all your games and accessories.


  • Offers brilliant storage options
  • Well designed and durable


  • Assembly instructions are a little confusing

FITUEYES Gaming Computer Desk – Best Budget Walmart Gaming Desk

FITUEYES Gaming Computer Desk

If you are on a tight budget and need a cost-effective gaming desk so you can start streaming ASAP, go for the FITUEYES Gaming Computer Desk.

This is the cheapest desk on my list, but it doesn’t just suit those who are a bit cash strapped as its compact design means it is perfect for someone who only has a small space for a desk too. Feature-wise, it is limited, but that usually comes with a budget setup.

This isn’t a lousy gamer desk by any means, and it will get you started streaming and creating content right away by offering a stylish design, enough room for up to two monitors, and plenty of storage space underneath.

You might also find our guide on building a cost-effective PC build for streaming useful if you are on a budget.


  • Cheap gamer desk
  • Has good storage options
  • Room for two monitors


  • Limited feature compared to other models

Bestier 55 inch Gaming Desk with RGB LED Lights – Best Walmart Gaming Desk with Lights

Bestier 55 inch Gaming Desk with RGB LED Lights

If you want to create some stunning visuals with your streaming setup, the Bestier 55 inch Gaming Desk with RGB LED Lights is the answer.

This gaming desk has seven single-color and 22 multi-color modes, which allow you to produce some fantastic aesthetics. You’ll also find a headphone hook, gaming handle, and cup holder, which are all ideal for the perfect gaming station.

Storage is lacking with this model, and I would like to have seen some storage options underneath the desk. However, this model is all about the visuals that it creates, and you won’t get better at Walmart than this Bestier desk.


  • Variety of LED light modes
  • Has good range of extra features
  • Decent space for monitors and accessories


  • No real storage options

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I Use Any Desk for Gaming?

Answer: You can. Really any computer desk can be used for streaming and creating content, but investing in a proper gaming desk will give you more functionality and is much better for streaming,

Question: Is a Gaming Desk Worth It?

Answer: Yes. If you are trying to stream on Twitch or Youtube, having a gaming desk can create great visuals, give you more room, and potentially get more viewers. Also, a gaming desk is more comfortable than sitting at a standard desk for hours at a time.

Question: What Features Does a Good Gaming Desk Have?

Answer: A suitable gaming desk should have plenty of room for multiple monitors, and some storage space, whether shelves or drawers, is ideal. Other features like a cup holder, hook for headphones, and LED lights are recommended as well.

Question: What Shape is Best for a Gaming Desk?

Answer: It depends. L-shaped desks tend to be the most popular; however, if you have a lot of room, you can go all out with a large U-shaped model. On the other hand, a z-shaped desk is generally better if you are short on space or want a basic setup.

Question: What are Gaming Desks Made Of?

Answer: Gaming desks are made from various materials, emphasizing durability as you will likely use them for hours at a time. You will find metal, plastic, and MDF materials commonly used in gaming desk construction.

Question: Is It Expensive to Buy a Gaming Desk?

Answer: Not really. You can buy gaming desks with tons of features that are pretty expensive, but there are many cost-effective options if you want to start streaming on a budget.

Which is the Best Walmart Gaming Desk?

If you want the best gaming desk from Walmart, go for the SOUTHERN WOLF E-Sport Computer Desk.

The only thing I can fault this desk on is the lack of storage, but it isn’t a deal-breaker for me. All the other features are perfect for making this your gaming rig, and its width makes it ideal for several screens.

The design is fantastic, and the LED lights add another aesthetic to an already beautiful desk. With a ton of extra features, including a cup holder, headphone hooks, and good cable management, this is the perfect desk for you to spend hours on your favorite games.

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