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Black Gaming Desk Ideas

Black Gaming Desk Ideas
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As seasoned gamers know, a gaming desk is essential for gaming pros. Gaming desks are specifically designed to suit their needs. There are so many different types of gaming desks available on the market for every type of gamer. They come in all sorts of colors, shapes, and special features to optimize the user’s gaming experience according to their requirements. 

These desks provide you with all the space you need to fit multiple screens and keyboards so you can switch from one to the other with relative ease. 

Some offer nifty little compartments to store your games, food, and drinks when you are looking forward to a long gaming session. Some are made so that their entire surface can be used as a mouse pad, while others are made to tuck all the wires out of sight.

Due to the horde of options available, choosing which one you should go for can be confusing. In light of this dilemma, we present you with a comprehensive black gaming desk ideas guide to help you in your endeavor to get the desk that is the perfect fit for you. So, let us get to it!

Bottom Line Up Front

Are you a gaming enthusiast looking for the perfect black gaming desk to suit your gaming needs? Well, I have just the desk for you! The Carnegie Power Computer Gaming Desk – Jamesdar is the ideal option if you are looking for a black gaming desk to spend hours-long gaming sessions with ease and comfort. This black gaming desk is also L-shaped which means space will not be an issue. Get yours today, and let the games begin!

At a Glance: Black Gaming Desk Ideas

  1. Aditya Polymers Lapboard: Best Portable
  2. Techni Sport Jango Gaming Desk with Storage: Best Spacious
  3. Carnegie Power Computer Gaming Desk: Best Overall
  4. FURINNO Compact Computer Desk: Budget Friendly
  5. Cubiker Modern L-Shaped Computer Office Desk: Best Multipurpose
  6. Arozzi Arena Leggero Compact Gaming Desk: Best Strong Built
  7. Walker Edison – L-Shaped Modern Glass Corner Computer Desk: Best Highly Rated
  8. FlexiSpot Height Adjustable PC Gaming Desk: Best Black Desk Alternative
  9. Argos Home Gaming Desk: Best Priced Option
  10. Eureka Ergonomic Captain X Series: Best Environment-friendly

But before we get to some black gaming desk ideas, let us look at some key features of a suitable gaming desk:

The Desk Surface Size

Space is important! You want to be able to move around freely. You want your keyboard, mouse, and monitor to have their own space on your gaming desk and not feel like everything is on top of each other. So a large surface will be your solution to all your crowded problems. 

Monitor Stands

Don’t you just hate suffering from a sore neck after you have gamed for hours? Yeah, me too! The Monitor arm places your monitor at the perfect height, so you don’t have to worry about being in pain after your game. 


I have so many spare notebooks, pens, and batteries and never have a place to put them. That is why having a gaming desk that has storage is so important to me, and I can assure you that it will make things so much easier for you!

Types of Desks to Consider

Desks to Consider

Before you go and purchase your ideal black gaming desk, you need to decide what type of black gaming desk you are interested in.

So let us get right to it:


You need to decide what type of material you want your gaming desk to be made out of. Here are some options:

  • glass
  • steel
  • wood
  • bamboo


Is there a specific gaming desk shape you are looking for?

Here are some ideas:

  • L-shaped gaming desks
  • U-shaped gaming desks
  • Rectangular shape desks


Have you got a specific gaming desk style in mind?

Here are some ideas:

  • Standing gaming desks
  • Foldable gaming desks
  • Curved rectangular gaming desks
  • L-shaped straight corner/ curved corner

Before we get to the black gaming desk ideas, I first need to share some exciting gaming desk accessories that will take your gaming experience to the next level.

LED Lighting

LED lights always create a great experience and get you in the gaming mood. So, set up some LED lights and have a party while gaming.

Desk Cupholder

Now, if you are clumsy like me, you don’t want to risk having your cup of coffee or water near your gaming setup. And that is what makes desk cup holders so amazing! No more worrying about spilling your drinks because now your cup has its own space.

Cable Management System

I’m not too fond of my cables getting all untidy. But with this gaming accessory, you can keep all your cables in place and organized.

Desk Lamp

Getting a desk lamp specifically made for gamers will make the world’s difference in your gaming experience. It will take some strain off of your eyes, and you will be able to take some notes. Definitely, an accessory that you need to get!

Dust Manager

Okay, so this might not be the most fabulous accessory ever, but hear me out, sometimes dust gets caught up on the gaming setup that is not even visible to you. And the next moment, your allergies appear. This dust manager will be able to get rid of all the dust and keep your sinuses under control.

You have waited long enough. So, let’s get to the black gaming ideas!

Black Gaming Desk Ideas

Aditya Polymers Lapboard – Portable Multi-Purpose Workstation

This plastic, black desk can be placed on your lap while you sit in your favorite comfortable chair or lounge cozily in bed. Though very lightweight, it provides secure support and can be taken anywhere, whether you want to stay at home or go over to a friend’s house to play.

This tiny lap desk is made from durable plastic on top with a detachable bean bag attached to the bottom, so you have the option of maximum comfort while it prevents your device from overheating.


  • Lightweight.
  • Portable.
  • Handles on its sides make it easier to hold and carry.


  • It is a little costly.
  • Quality doesn’t live up to the cost.

Techni Sport Jango Gaming Desk with Storage

Techni Sport Jango Gaming Desk with Storage

This is an excellent choice with plenty of space. The design is sleek and goes perfectly with any indoor setting. This is a perfect option for someone looking to organize a lot of gadgets in one place. 


  • Spacious.
  • Elegant design.
  • Looks good in any setting.


  • Requires assistance in setting up.
  • The width of the desk means the PCs can be a little too close to the face for comfort.
  • Wire portal isn’t at the back.

Carnegie Power Computer Gaming Desk – Jamesdar

Carnegie Power Computer Gaming Desk

This is an ideal option for long gaming sessions to maximize ease and comfort. The L-shape enables it to fit easily in any corner. The high top can fit up to 3 PCs leaving space for other gaming essentials on the lower deck. This desk also includes built-in USB ports and plug outlets, a wire management grommet, and a headset and cup holder. Therefore, this desk is well worth its cost. 


  • Beautiful design.
  • Scratch-resistant, easy to clean surface.
  • Sturdy build.
  • Easy to set up by yourself. 
  • Lots of available space.


  • It is a bit costly.

FURINNO Compact Computer Desk

FURINNO Compact Computer Desk

This is a relatively cheap option for gamers on a budget. This desk is built and designed well. The compact design makes it easy to fit into any space. Furthermore, it also comes with three shelves on the right hand that are slightly elevated and are perfect for placing your speakers and a nifty little board on the bottom to support your feet. Overall, it’s a winner.

Furnino Compact Computer Desk | Amazon

This desk  is designed for space-saving and modern stylish look. There is no foul smell, durable and the material is the most stable amongst the medium density composite woods. 

Buy at
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02/18/2024 11:12 am GMT


  • Very affordable.
  • Fits in the smallest of spaces.
  • Provides value for your money.


  • The desk is not very stable.
  • Poor packaging.
  • Appears cheap.

Cubiker Modern L-Shaped Computer Office Desk

This reasonably priced, sturdy desk is built to hold heavyweights. It also offers a lot of space. The gaming desk includes a detachable stand attached to either side. It also consists of a hook for your headphones and a storage bag.

Cubiker Modern L-Shaped Computer Office Desk | Amazon

This L Shaped Desk brings you a modern style desk ideal for any modern home. Great for apartments or houses in need of a space-saving desk, it is designed for multiple purposes, well fitted in the office for work, a playroom for board games, living room for family use, and more.

Buy at
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02/18/2024 04:09 am GMT


  • Very spacious.
  • Very sturdy build.
  • Multi-purpose.


  • Complex assembly.
  • It may take up too much space if you do not have a big area.

Arozzi Arena Leggero Compact Gaming Desk

Arozzi Arena Leggero Compact Gaming Desk

This unique desk’s entire surface is covered with a tabletop that doubles as a mousepad and is machine washable and water-resistant. This makes gaming a breeze where you can just concentrate on the action going on the screen.

This desk also helps you feel more organized because it comes with a pouch to manage all the wires, and it is efficiently attached beneath the hood, so all the mess is hidden from sight. Although it looks elegantly delicate, it is built to hold heavyweights.

Arozzi Arena-LEGGERO-Black Office/Gaming Desk

This gaming style desk is covered with a full-surface mouse pad which is crafted with water-resistant Microfiber & anti-slip rubber bottom. 

Check Price
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02/18/2024 09:59 am GMT


  • Strong build.
  • Dainty-looking design.
  • It can fit in small spaces.
  • Simplistic design yet comes with some great quirks.
  • Easy to setup. 


  • Not very steady.
  • Quality isn’t necessarily the best.

Walker Edison – L-Shaped Modern Glass Corner Computer Desk

Walker Edison – L-Shaped Modern Glass Corner Computer Desk

This is a highly rated product with plenty of space, a high-quality finish, and a solid tempered glass top. Its unattached CPU stand and unique design give you plenty of legroom while being spacious enough to hold 3 PCs and other gaming essentials quite comfortably. It also features a sliding keyboard tray that can be fixed on either side according to your needs. 

Walker Edison Ellis Modern Glass Top L Shaped Corner Gaming Desk | Amazon

Crafted from durable steel with a powder-coated finish and thick, tempered safety glass. The L-shape design provides the perfect fit for space-saving needs and features a sliding keyboard tray and unattached CPU stand. 

Buy at
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  • The space and design are perfect for a hardcore professional gamer.
  • It can hold heavyweights.
  • It remains stable.
  • It can be easily put together.
  • It provides value for money.
  • It can fit into small spaces.
  • The design is beautiful and sleek.
  • Good quality.


  • The keyboard tray slides unstably. 
  • No cord management facility, so the setup can be a little messy.

FlexiSpot Height Adjustable PC Gaming Desk

FlexiSpot Height Adjustable PC Gaming Desk

This fantastic black desk alternative is height adjustable with just a touch of a button! It comes with a cupholder, a headphone stand, and takes up minimum space. You can choose to sit or stand, whichever feels more comfortable for you.

Furthermore, it can be used to hold up to 2 PCs and a set of speakers without cramming things up. You can also give yourself a tap on the shoulder when making this purchase as the top is made of sustainable timber, so it’s an environment-friendly option.

FlexiSpot Height Adjustable PC Gaming Desk | Amazon

With the FlexiSpot height-adjustable gaming desk, you can incorporate healthy movement into your gaming sessions with the press of a button. Simply touch the up arrow on the keypad to raise the desk. 

Buy at
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  • Eco-friendly option.
  • Adjustable height.
  • It can fit in small spaces.
  • Robust build.


  • Complicated assembly

Argos Home Gaming Desk

This amazingly priced option features open spaces to prevent your consoles from overheating during long gaming sessions. The raised shelf can hold two screens with plenty of space on the lower desktop for other equipment. Moreover, with the open space underneath the tabletop, you can push your chair under the table, so you save a lot of space and keep everything organized and tidy.


  • It comes with plenty of shelves, including one that is adjustable.
  • Easy to put together.
  • Spacious.
  • Offers stability.


  • Not a very high-quality product.

Eureka Ergonomic Captain X Series

Eureka Ergonomic Captain X Series

This expertly designed environment-friendly desk option offers plenty of space with a carbon fiber texture top. It includes a mouse pad, a gaming controller stand, a cup, and headphone holders. 

Eureka Ergonomic Captain X Series | Amazon

Eureka ergonomic radian intimate design is comfortable, completely accord with human body engineering principle, enhance your gaming environment and improve your battle efficiency.

Buy at
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02/18/2024 10:59 am GMT


  • Sturdy build. 
  • It is made of processed wood which makes it an eco-friendly option.
  • The top is wide yet doesn’t take up much space.
  • It has great extras like the controller stand.


  •  The quality is a little rough.

My Opinion

With the rise in the gaming craze worldwide, there are an array of options available in the market in every price range you can imagine, catering to the exact requirements of the gamer. 

My personal favorite is the Carnegie Power Computer Gaming Desk by Jamesdar. It has everything a hardcore gamer can wish for in a gaming desk; a slick design, spacious top with elevated shelves to give you plenty of room for all your gaming equipment. It doesn’t take much room space as it can easily be fit into a corner with space under the top for your chair, so storage is optimized. 

Furthermore, it has built-in plugs and USB ports and an efficient wire management system, not to mention nifty little extras like the headphone hanger and cup holder. All in all, it’s the perfect buy to enjoy non-stop gaming. The only downfall is its steep price, but hey – go big or go home, right?

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does an All-Black Gaming Desk Setup Look Good?

Answer: If you’re a professional or a hardcore gamer, having a proper gaming setup can change the game for you. A black gaming desk is a great option! Not only does it give the setup an authentic feel, but it also helps you get fully absorbed in the world of gaming. It offers all you could want to give you the edge. As they say, when in doubt, always go with black.

Question: Which is the Best Color for Gaming Desks?

Answer: This largely depends on your personality type and the kind of gamer you are. Black is always the best – it gives that uncompromising aesthetic to make you feel like the serious gaming pro you are.
What’s more, black goes with anything, and if you’re a sloppy eater, you can enjoy your gaming sessions and make a mess without worrying about leaving any stains!

Question: What Should You Look for When Buying a Gaming Desk?

Answer: You should first consider the time you spend gaming and only spend a lot if you’re a gaming enthusiast. Otherwise, go for a lap desk or some cheaper desk options that are compact. However, serious gamers need a spacious top, a sturdy and stable build, lots of shelves, proper wire management systems to organize the various console wires, a cup and headphone holder, etc.
Further, an L-shaped desk enables you to shift quickly from screen to screen, while a mousepad top allows you to entirely focus your eyes on the gaming screen without any distractions for adjustments. Then there is the choice between a tempered glass or a wood top, mainly for aesthetic purposes. 

Question: Is Buying a Gaming Desk Worth the Cost?

Answer: This depends on the time you spend gaming. If it’s just an occasional recreational activity, then probably not. But if you are a gamer that games every day, a gaming desk is a must to slide effortlessly from keyboard to keyboard and various screens to compete like a pro.


The gaming desks that are best for you depend on the available space, your exact requirements, and of course, your budget. Suppose you take gaming as an occasional indulgence.

In that case, lap desks are the best pick for you because not only does it enable you to kick back and relax in your favorite chair or bed after a long day and just enjoy gaming for a little while, it’s also portable, and you can take it with you to a friend’s place or on a long road trip. 

Many other alternatives are available, ranging from glass to mouse pad tops, in different dimensions, shapes, and sizes. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide according to your needs, and this guide will help you make a perfect choice, no matter what you’re looking for.

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