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How to Get Sponsored on Twitch: 7 Things You Need

How to Get Sponsored on Twitch: 7 Things You Need
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Find out how you can get sponsored on Twitch. We include seven tips that help improve your odds of getting sponsored and show you how to reach out to companies.

How to Get Sponsored on Twitch – Start Here

Twitch streamers have several ways of finding sponsors, including companies that might offer sponsorship as a form of advertising.

Sponsors like to find well-known twitch streamers who can advertise their products and make their company look good. They tend to target those with an entertaining personality and who are overall fun to watch.

In addition to becoming a Twitch streamer and getting paid for it, good gaming sponsorships can help improve your brand, but it takes some work to make that happen.

We all want to make money through streaming, but not all “sponsorships” are actually deals. Streamers should look closely at the first opportunities or partnerships they’re offered because they may not align with their stream’s overall goals.

If you want to improve the chances of getting sponsored, these 7 tips will make the process easier.

How to Get Sponsors on Twitch to Notice You

1. A Regular Consistent Streaming Schedule

As a Twitch influencer, you need a regular schedule to keep your viewers coming back for more content. This is the most important tip for getting sponsored.

Your subscribers or Twitch Followers demand consistency, and they deserve it for the time and donations they invest into your stream. You won’t get many views if you’re not consistent.

Ensure that the schedule is realistic and achievable so viewers know when they can expect new content from their streamer.

If you’re not putting out content regularly, sponsors won’t want to invest in your channel because they can’t rely on a consistent stream of viewers and engagement with their brand or product.

Remember, when it comes to Twitch influencer marketing, Twitch is investing in you. So you have to make the product as desirable as possible by acquiring as many regular Twitch viewers as possible.

2. Patience, Persistence, and Dedication

This is one of the most important tips for getting sponsored.


This will help grow an audience and your viewer count over time by giving people something worth coming back to every day! Stream good content! It can take months of broadcasting before you get companies to notice you and get sponsorship opportunities.


Improving your stream content increases the chances of being sponsored. This alone takes a lot of work and time to get right.


It may take some months before any brands notice or contact you; don´t give up hope just yet, and keep at it! Sponsors want to invest in people who are passionate about what they do. If you’re not excited and invested, why should a sponsor be?

Patience, persistence, and dedication will help anyone that wants to stream grow their brand and viewer count in the long run.

If you’re not putting out content regularly, sponsors won’t want to invest in your channel because they can’t rely on a consistent stream of viewers and engagement with their brands or products.

Your personality and values must align with the brand/product of a potential business for them to invest their money into sponsoring an individual streamer or content creators.

3. An Engaging Personality

An engaging personality that is entertaining to watch or listen to, even if you’re not playing video games at the time of your broadcast.

Are you entertaining?

Do you have something unique to offer that others don’t?

Are you funny or serious?

What’s your niche?

It would be best if you had this figured out and work on it.

The ability to communicate well with your viewers and engage them in conversation during a live stream or while offline via social media is how they’ll get to know you better and feel closer to you as a person. You can make a lot of supportive friends this way.

You want to remain respectful towards your chat while also making sure rules are followed and keeping your stream free from inappropriate content. But as a streamer, you can call those people out who are being toxic and get them removed. Chat usually loves this.

4. Creative Ideas for Content That Will Keep Viewers Coming Back for More

It can be hard to come up with an original idea, but there is a way to use something that already works.

You should make a small list of streamers that you enjoy watching and take notes of what you enjoy from their content and spin it and make it your own.

This will help you keep viewers coming back, and it’ll be easier on yourself because then all of the work is done for you, and you know it works! 

Remember, concurrent viewers are like currency to potential twitch sponsors.

5. Good Knowledge of Social Media Platforms, Including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube

This is another important one I find a lot of people pass over. You need to create a strong social media presence and be active on it.

Being found on Twitch today, compared to being found back in the day, is now completely different.

You can’t just sit in a stream and expect people to come and find you. You have to get out there, put in the work, be social and find and bring back some viewers.

It would help if you had an account on all social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

You can also use YouTube to market yourself by making videos about your stream or content in general and pushing that traffic to check out your Twitch channel.

This is a great way to get more eyes on you and your brand.

6. Build a Community of Followers on Twitch, Discord, and Social Media Platforms

Let’s face it; sponsors will not pay you or give you products to show off if you have no following or viewers.

You should have a Discord server and know how to use it properly.

Discord allows you to stay in touch with your community and allows them to chat with you at any time, and you can also use it for advertising your stream, videos, social media posts, etc.

You need to put yourself out there and be social with everyone else. Social media is potent, and it’s a lot easier to be found and followed on them than Twitch.

The more you’re involved in the community; the more eyes are seeing YOU and YOUR BRAND!!

More people seeing you and your brand = higher chances that a company might see you reach out to you because it looks like there could potential to reach their target audience through you or your brand.

This is an easy and effective method for building up followers; though it takes many long hours to do, it won’t happen overnight unless you go viral, so don’t give up.

Also, be sure to use the social aspects of streaming platforms to your advantage. Use the Twitch chat to engage with your twitch viewers and try to generate a rapport with these fans. This encourages return watchers and will make you a much more desirable candidate for Twitch marketing

7. Organize Your Stream Channel and Profile

It’s important to make sure your stream channel isn’t just a broadcasting platform; it should be polished, professional, and inviting for viewers.

Make sure your channel bio, profile, and panels are up-to-date and the art used is eye-catching.

You should also include links for accounts like Twitter/Facebook, etc., as well any other relevant information about your stream, if applicable.

Sponsorship is a big deal. Sponsors love content that can help promote their products and brand. They want streamers who can generate hype and positive attention to their business.

Bonus TIP:  Aim For Twitch Affiliate and Twitch Partner

While this isn’t 100% essential, it is a good idea to aim for Twitch Affiliate and Twitch partner. This is because aspiring to hit these heights will help you build an audience of Twitch users, overtake other small streamers and even larger Twitch rivals, and keep your content consistent too. Not to mention it will monetize every twitch stream until affiliate sponsors come into play. Every Twitch bit helps towards a successful streaming career!

What to Send Potential Sponsors and What They Look For

It’s important to email someone who has the authority to accept or decline sponsorship proposals.

If you’re not sure, ask them in an email if they are the right person for that and have a short introduction prepared of yourself for them to forward to the proper recipient if it isn’t them.

You will need to gather up all your information about your Twitch channel and social media accounts. This includes views, followers, subscribers, etc.

If you have a website, make sure to include that and the packet of information for potential sponsors so they can see what your brand is all about and how it aligns with their interests or company values.

Once you have all that information down, send them a proposal by introducing yourself and briefly describe your stream.

It would be best to let them know what drew you to their product or company and show them how a sponsorship or a partnership would be of value to them.

Propose what you offer them and be willing to negotiate about what can be given back in return.

It would be best if you don’t do the following when emailing potential companies for sponsorships:

  1. Send them a link to your stream without any context or introduction.
  2. Ask for money upfront, this is not how sponsorships work, and it will make you look unprofessional.
  3. Please don’t lie about anything you are emailing them about.
  4. Don’t be rude, pushy, demanding, or aggressive in your email.
  5. Don’t email them every day.

It would be best if you always do this when emailing potential companies for sponsorships:

  1. You should always have good manners and some level of professionalism.
  2. Be clear in what you are looking for (sponsorship, products, etc.).
  3. Describe how your followers/viewers would be a good fit for them to market to.
  4. Show how your stream has value for them and show what makes your stream engaging and how it would be a good fit for the business.
  5. Wait at least a week before you follow up for an update on your proposal and include anything new that has changed since the last time they heard from you (if anything).
  6. Be patient; sponsorships don’t happen overnight! It can take months to find someone interested.

If you don’t hear back from a company that you were interested in, or if they declined your proposal, don’t be discouraged!

There are many other companies and sponsorship opportunities out there that you haven’t found yet or have yet to find you.

In the event, you get a favorable reply from a company, and they want to sponsor you, make sure to negotiate the terms of your sponsorship so that it benefits both sides equally if possible.

These terms usually equate to knowing how much they will pay you and how frequently you get paid per month. It will also include how they want their product or brand placed during a stream or how often it is shown to the viewer.

Make sure you don’t undervalue or overvalue yourself. If you sell yourself short, this can make sponsors take advantage of you. If you sell yourself too high, you might lose the sponsorship deal in the event they find it too costly.

It’s important to remember, as a streamer on Twitch or any platform for live streaming: you’re the product being sold to the masses.

Companies that spend money, products, and sponsorships on you are investing in your ability to sell their product.

Signing Your Deal and Following Through

If you got to this point, it means you are ready to sign a contract or an agreement with a sponsor.

The contract should be in writing, and it needs to have a clear understanding of the terms. The sponsor may want you to do things like wearing their logo on your clothes or mention them during streams from time to time.

Make sure that these are not too intrusive for what they’re asking before signing anything! Sit down and read the whole thing to make sure everything is transparent before signing. You don’t want to have a hidden clause that you didn’t read about bite you in the ass in the future.

Don’t sign anything that has you giving up any of your rights to your brand ever. I would stay clear of any companies that try to do this to you.

It’s important as well to follow through with any agreements made between yourself and sponsors. Both sides need to make efforts at fulfilling those obligations, so there isn’t bad blood later down the road.

We don’t want something going wrong because someone didn’t follow up after agreeing upon certain tasks/promotions etc…

It can also help build trust, which will lead to more future opportunities being offered down the line.

How to Get Sponsored on Twitch – Conclusion

It’s difficult to get sponsored on Twitch, but it’s not impossible. The key is to have a unique personality and some impressive skills for sponsors to notice you.

If this sounds like something you can put in the time and effort, you will make it.

Good luck and happy streaming!

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